Instruction Sheets

All Andrews Products instruction documents are stored in PDF format. To view an instruction sheet on your computer screen or to print a copy, you must have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® installed on your computer. Point to the instruction sheet you want and click on it with the left mouse button. Acrobat Reader will open a screen display of the selected instruction document.

Chain Drive Cams: Twin Cam Engines 2007 & up and '06 Dyna

Gear Drive Cams: Twin Cam Engines 2007& up and Dyna

Conversion Cams: 1999 - 2006 Twin '88 Engines  

Gear Drive Cams Twin Cam 1999 - 2006 (except '06 Dyna)

Chain Drive Cams: Twin Cam 1999 - 2006 (except '06 Dyna)

88 Chain Drive 34 Tooth Sprocket Installation  

88 Standard Pushrod Installation  

88 EZ-install Pushrod Installation    

Evolution 80 Cam Specs and Instructions

Evolution 80; EZ-install Pushrod Instruction  

Evolution 80 Standard Pushrod Instruction

MPH Calculations; H-D Big Twin 5 Speed  

NOTE: All cam specifications - Lift, Duration and timing figures are listed on the instruction sheets for each of the above noted engines!

Shovel-Pan Cam Specs and Instructions

Shovel 74/80 Pushrods Installation  

Knuckle, Pan and shovel 74/80; 4 Speed Transmissions Instructions

Sportster EV Cam Instructions - '86 and Later

EV Buell Cam Specs and Instructions

'54 - '90: Sportster Cam Specs and Instructions

Sportster Countershaft Installation: 1984 - 1990    

2000 Sportster #2 Cam Gear Timing Installation    

Buell Blast Cam Specs and Instructions    

Keihin Carb Hi-Flow Accelerator Pump  

The following Specifications are listed for Cams No Longer Manufactured By Andrews Products

Honda 550/750 2 Valve Camshaft Specs  

Honda 750/900 4 Valve Camshaft Specs

Kawasaki KZ 900/1000 2 Valve Camshaft Specs  

Suzuki 2 Valve Camshaft Specs