Company History

Andrews Products was founded in 1972 and has specialized in making camshafts and transmission gears for the performance motor sports industry. While we started making motorcycle transmission gears and shafts, performance camshafts and related valve gear parts soon became additional areas of expertise.

Recognized for Superior Performance

More new gears sets with better ratios soon followed. The results were gears which easily out-performed anything else available. Their superior performance was quickly recognized by everyone who tried them. The novelty and uniqueness of both the cams and gears resulted in a wave of demand for new Andrews Products cams and gears. And that was only the beginning.

In 2002 Andrews Products moved to a new custom built facility built for Andrews Products in the suburbs. As the business grew, we started to utilize our strength in camshaft design, programming and manufacture to support customers requiring prototype and pilot runs to support major engine development programs. Realizing that most of our customers could not measure the key characteristics of the camshafts they received, we developed an easy to use, computer aided camshaft inspection device.

First Class Quality & Support

Today, Andrews Products is recognized worldwide and throughout the Motor Sports community as an industry leader. We utilize state-of-the-art engineering design, manufacturing technology and computer controlled inspection equipment to produce superior quality camshafts and transmissions for both street and racing applications.
Andrews Products has made significant investments in new computer controlled production machinery and inspection equipment. We are better equipped than ever to serve all of our customers with the first class quality and support that all of you deserve.