Camshaft Technology

Andrews Products is a full-service manufacturer for camshaft design, software and related technical training to support your complete development process from basic designs to finished parts. Our camshaft design programs allow end users to examine multiple designs in a short period of time, (minutes). Programs will run on any PC with a Win XP, Win 7, Win 8 or Win 10 operating system. Full screen graphic capability makes it easy to visualize and analyze cam design data for a wide variety of camshaft applications. Our analysis program can export a finished cam lobe design formatted for CNC cam lobe grinders, lobe milling machines and automated inspection equipment including Landis, Phillips, Adcole and others.

Enhanced Efficiency & Performance

All design data can be saved to disc for later recall with a single mouse click. Let us share our years of experience and numerous software packages to enhance your efficiency and engine performance efforts.

Camshaft Design