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Main Factory FloorMain factory floor.








Mazak MultiplexThe first process step for all gears and camshafts is turning.
This Mazak Multiplex is a fully automated CNC turning center with a loader and un-loader.






Mazak CNC vertical milling centerMazak CNC vertical milling center used for extremely accurate keyway milling and other high precision milling operations.






CNC gear shaper and hobbing centersGear teeth for transmission gears and camshaft parts are produces on this CNC gear shaper and hobbing centers not shown.






CNC angle head grinderCNC angle head machines can grind multiple diameters in one setup and hold tolerances of .0003 inches(.0079mm) on a diameter. Grinding is one of the last steps in the gear and camshaft manufacturing process.





CNC Landis camshaft grinderAndrews Products has several CNC Landis camshaft grinders capable of processing parts up to 48 inches long and 4 inches in  diameter. Landis grinders are best in class delivering superior accuracy and repeatability on complex parts.





CNC Hofler gear grinderCNC Hofler gear grinders  are used to finalize exact gear tooth form.







Metrology labOur metrology lab is temperature controlled. To support in process checks the room contains Gleason CNC gear checkers and a Ziess CMM.