Custom Camshaft Design Support

Custom Camshaft Design SupportAndrews Products has the unique capability to design and manufacture camshafts from 2 inches in length to 44 inches. Cam lobes and any related gear parts are then subjected to a complete computerized inspection for assurance that all designated parameters match target specifications. Our processes from design assistance through manufacturing enhance the efficient delivery of prototype and pilot runs of cams to support major engine design and development programs.

Andrews Products also provides a number of other critical services:

  • Master Cams (CNC ground - for rocking table camshaft grinders)
  • Custom Camshaft Lobe Design (to customer specifications)
  • Production Camshaft manufacturing data files (milling & grinding)
  • Contract Inspection of camshafts and related Gears
  • Cam Lobe Design Software Programs (inch or metric data)