Contract Services


Andrews provides several services to support camshaft customers. Our digital technology can be applied to reverse engine camshafts of unknown dimensions and generate prints and graphic plots of lift, velocity, acceleration jerk, snap (4th derivative), pressure angle (for roller follower cams) and radius of curvature. Along with manufacturing custom design camshafts, Andrews will also manufacture camshafts to your specific design and process requirements. We grind master cams for most single master type grinders (Berco/Van Norman, Storm Vulcan and others). Andrews performs contract inspection on camshafts up to 28 inches long on an Adcole model 911 camshaft gage to a resolution of .000010 inches (ten millionths). We have the technology, equipment and experience to produce some of the finest most accurate camshafts in the world and all of this capability is available to manufacture cores and finished camshafts to meet your requirements.